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Forearm Splint

Simple activities like opening a door, carrying a plate, starting a car or tying a tie are activities we take for granted. But for people who are afflicted with limited range of motion in the forearm as a result of injury, surgery or disease, these activities can be painful, if not impossible. Using the Supination/Pronation Dynasplint® System at home in conjunction with your physical therapy program will provide the combination to help get you moving freely again.

The technology behind each Dynasplint® System is designed to mimic a therapist’s hands. The tension is reproducible and evenly distributed every time you wear your splint. Think of a rubber band that you expand and snap for the first time. Once released, it snaps back to the original size. But, if you take the rubber band and place it on your car visor for the whole summer, after removing it you’ll see that it’s permanently changed. That’s what happens when you wear your Dynasplint® System. unlike static splinting or serial casting which do not constantly seek an end range of motion.

Here’s the good news: clinical studies have demonstrated a 53% average reduction in rehabilitation time and cost with the use of Dynasplint® Systems in conjunction with physical therapy. Over half a million patients have been successfully treated with Dynasplint® Systems. The system is available in both supination and pronation to help aid forearm recovery.

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